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Is a Spray Tan the Answer to Australia's Skin Cancer Epidemic?

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to challenge businesses, families and individuals worldwide, Australia has been battling a silent killer epidemic of it's own: Skin Cancer. Did you know that currently in Australia, it is more likely that you WILL get skin cancer than that you won't? Yet so often we hear people casually mention that they are having a skin cancer removed, like it's a reality we have all accepted.

The Black Lives Matter movement has deeply affected the beauty industry and has rightly made many of us reflect on the pre-conceptions of what "ideal beauty" is. And this reflection has highlighted to us here at Tan Empire contemplating the reason for our very existence as a thriving business: we have been told in Western countries that tanned skin is "in" and pale white is "out".A completely different story to Asia where the opposite is true in the minds of the majority.

Whether or not we agree with either of these skin-colour beauty trends is another discussion entirely; just for the record, here at Tan Empire HQ we feel that all bodies are beautiful and that includes the colour of your skin just as it is without anything added or taken away. However, we are passionate about safe beauty and the stats show that sun-tanning is silently killing Australian's every single year. Young & old alike.

For the foreseeable future, it will be in fashion to have a tan here in Australia and we are not bold enough to say that we can change a worldwide beauty trend. But we can facilitate the acheivement of that trend in a way that saves lives: through sunless spray tanning.

How can you help? The spray tan industry has come a very long way. If you know a die-hard sunbaker, why not buy them their first ever professional spray tan. Tan Empire is Perth's spray tanning experts. A Perth mobile spray tan in the comfort of their own home may just be the thing they need to break the sun addiction. And if they love it, you may just have saved them and their family the heart-breaking cost of a real tan.

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